Clients Agree: Solomon Admissions Consulting Has the Skills You Need

July 15, 2018
One reason most of the college application consultants at Solomon Admissions Consulting seem so good at what they do for prospective students is because they are former college admissions officers themselves, which means they are quite well aware how to make an admissions package stand out from the crowd. One major aspect of the experience working with Solomon Admissions Consulting comes with their tendency to hire former college admissions counselors, because they know what to do. Solomon Admissions Consulting gives them that edge.

The fact is, everything has to be perfect to get into a school like Harvard or MIT, or another elite university. For a school like Harvard, Stanford or Yale, thousands of other young people are trying to get into the same school and they all have excellent grades and extracurricular experience. That makes it necessary for prospective students to stand out as an individual, which is why Solomon Admissions Consulting tend to so what they can to emphasize that applicant’s individuality over that of all others.